MeanFiddler in action

Many software projects can greatly benefit from MeanFiddler. The framework is designed to be as flexible as possible to work with nearly any type of domain infrastructure. MeanFiddler does not try to influence how you write your applications nor does it require you to modify your application. The framework sits quietly to the side of your web application exposing any data you desire in an easily queryable and updatable fashion. Read below for more information on how MeanFiddler can help you.

  • AJAX driven websites - AJAX, while relatively young still, has had a resounding impact on web design in recent years. Small sites looking to add an extra burst of dynamic content have looked to AJAX. Large internet portals such as Google and Yahoo have moved to AJAX to provide rich-client functionality. AJAX holds a ton of potential for the internet and developers have been building one-off web services for their data needs. With MeanFiddler, developers can query their entire server domain model using a simple query uri syntax. All effort is then focused on delivering the perfect UI experience!
  • Applets, Silverlight, and Flash - Sometimes HTML cannot fulfill your application needs. The next line of internet applications would be Java applets, Microsoft's Silverlight, or Macromedia Flash content. These technologies allow you to deliver windows-like functionality embedded within your web page. While they are outstanding for manipulating and presenting data, you still need to get the data in the first place. You can spend time writing one-off web services for your data needs adding long-term maintenance costs or you can adopt REST-style technology as MeanFiddler provides to deliver all of your data access needs in just a few lines of code.
  • Thin clients (smart clients) - The next level of web-based technologies is a full application that runs on your desktop. Users install the application as they would any other application and they interact with data served by server applications. Traditionally, client applications communicate via web services, sockets, or remoting technologies. Many implementations of these communication mechanisms are specific for the client's needs and future development adds more and more points of communication. Navigating relational data implies adding extra service points, data mappers, gateways, etc. Simplify all of that down to one MeanFiddler service. MeanFiddler provides client APIs that will automatically navigate object trees through lazy fetches. Or if you know you want to pre-fetch related objects, you can specify that too and make simply one HTTP request for your entire data needs. REST-style queries may not solve all of your needs, but it can greatly simplify teh bulk of your operations.