RESTful services gain their advantage from their simplicity. No SOAP envelope, no WSDL, straight data. What more? The data can be streamed in any number of formats. If the data is to be consumed using JavaScript or a similar scripting language, utilize the JSON format to serialize directly into objects. If the data is to consumed directly by a user, use the simple HTML format to navigate data. If you wish to consume data into other languages, perhaps your choice will be to use the XML format. Better yet, MeanFiddler provides client apis in some of your favorite lanugages and now your only concern is determining how best to work with the power at your fingertips.

See below for a matrix of features available in MeanFiddler:

Feature MeanFiddler 0.4
Data Formats
HTML Limited
Query Expressions
Primary Keys Yes
Complex Primary Keys Yes*
Relation Navigation Yes
Property Comparison Equals, Not Equal, Less, Less or Equal, Greater, Greater or Equal
Logical Operators And/Or
Relation Comparison No**
Query Options
callback No
expand Yes
format Yes
keyset No
orderby Yes
skip Yes
top Yes
includeid Yes
template Yes
Domain Frameworks
NHibernate Yes
HTTP Verbs
POST Yes***
PUT Yes***
Advanced Functions
Custom REST queries No
Client APIs
.Net 2.0 Yes
* Complex Primary Keys can become extremely complicated. Please contact us if the framework cannot handle your data model.
** MeanFiddler does not support querying for objects of one type based on properties of a related type. You would need to query for the related type and navigate back to the desired type.
*** MeanFiddler does not support posting of relationships.