Introducing MeanFiddler...

MeanFiddler is a .Net framework that exposes data over the web through REST-style web services. RESTful web services do not define contracts between server and client and thus adapt to changes in entity definitions as well as the addition of new entities. For businesses that expose hundreds of objects to client applications (or even smaller applications looking for a simple communication framework), RESTful web services have clear benefits over traditional SOAP based web services.

  • Instant scalability - Whether you have one object or 1000 objects, one easily configured REST service handles everything. Simply define new objects in your domain model and MeanFiddler does the rest. Future improvements will allow you to customize who and what data can be accessed.
  • Simple deployment - There is no WSDL or other contract schemas in RESTful services. MeanFiddler examines your objects and serializes the data property by property. Clients that consume the data only pick off the properties that they care about.
  • Client ease of development - Ever want the power of lazy fetches for relational data in a client application? The same functionality that OR/M tools provide in server applications is now available for client applications. Similar functionality using SOAP services would leave you with dozens, hundreds, thousands of WSDL contracts all of which require maintanence.